Fact Sheet

Positive Economic Impact of the Oneida Indian Nation’s Responsible Gaming

The Oneida Indian Nation’s dedication to responsible gaming and its commitment to share its success with the community have led to dramatic economic benefits for this region and New York State. Since the opening of Turning Stone Resort Casino in 1993, the Oneida Nation has invested more than $4 billion in its government programs and enterprise operations.

Job Creation, Payroll, Wages and Benefits:

  • The Oneida Nation has created 4,700 jobs in the last 20 years
  • Oneida Nation payroll reaches 22 counties and about 150 different communities in Central New York and New York State
  • About 95 percent of all these jobs are held by non-Indian local residents
  • Total payroll in fiscal 2011 was $127 million, including more than $5 million in performance bonuses
  • In fiscal 2011, the Oneida Nation paid another $31 million in medical and dental claims and administrative costs for its workers and their families
  • In fiscal 2011, the Oneida Nation paid $4.4 million into the employee 401k accounts
  • Since 1993 employees have earned over $1.5 billion in wages

Taxes Generated by Employees:

  • In fiscal 2011, the Oneida Nation's workforce paid $18.4 million in federal income taxes
  • The Oneida Nation's workforce paid $4.3 million in state income taxes
  • Since 1993 Oneida Nation employees have generate more than $155 million for local and state government in tax contributions
    • $49 million in state income tax
    • $77 million in local real property tax
    • $19 million in state sales tax
    • $10 million in local sales tax

Vendor Spending

  • The Oneida Nation enterprises and government operations stimulate the local economy through direct spending on goods and services
  • In fiscal 2011, the Oneida Nation spent more than $294 million with other businesses
  • More than $135 million was spent with more than 1,000 vendors in the three county area of Oneida, Madison, and Onondaga counties
  • Since 1993 the Oneida Nation has spent over $2.2 billion on goods and services

Contribution to Economic Growth

  • Turning Stone Resort Casino has attracted several local businesses that benefit from the increased traffic and tourism visits to Verona
    • New businesses within a half-mile of Turning Stone include: 3 motels, 2 restaurants, a retail store and a convenience store
  • Before Turning Stone Resort Casino opened in 1993, the toll revenue for New York State Thruway Exit 33, Verona was $1.7 million with less than 1 million in total vehicle traffic, through the first six months of 2012 Exit 33 has already generated over $2.9 million in toll revenue for the state from over 1 million in vehicle traffic
  • The Oneida Nation employment and spending has generated over $1 billion in indirect benefits and economic growth in the community since 1993
  • Created over 2,900 additional non-Oneida Nation jobs that account for:
    • $1 billion in wages
    • $50 million in state income tax
    • $5 million in state sales tax
    • $2 million in local sales tax
    • $13 million in local real property tax

Community Quality of Life Impact

The Oneida Nation has a storied tradition of hospitality and giving back to the community and since 1993 has:

  • Donated more than $500,000 to charities from the Oneida Nation Foundation
  • Contributed more than $16 million to local infrastructure improvements, including over $13 million in inter-community water and sewer projects
  • Made $8.2 million in direct payments to local municipalities
  • Given $10 million to local school districts

Sources: Oneida Indian Nation. Malcolm Pirnie, for the BIA Final Environmental Impact Statement 2005.

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